It’s just a steel enclosure… they are all the same aren’t they?

Author: Nigel Rowland   Date Posted:9 February 2016 

It’s an interesting question that gets raised every week in our face to face sales calls and over the phone contact with our clients so I thought it would be good to discuss what goes into the manufacturing of our enclosures and why all enclosures aren’t equal.

The story of an IP Enclosure starts with the design, which starts right here in our Head Office at Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast. Feedback from our field staff, key clients and market analysis forms the basis of the design brief and preliminary sketches of the enclosure take shape. Once the details are finalised, production drawings are produced and signed off.

The 1311 grade galvanised steel sheet is sourced from Turkish steel company Erdemir who is the 3rd largest producer of steel in the EU Countries and is renowned for its high strength steel. The enclosures are manufactured in state of the art facilities in Istanbul. 

Automation of the factory has the additional benefit of making it possible to produce small run and customised enclosures almost as easily as the standard range. This allows us to produce special solutions for clients at extremely cost effective prices.

The galvanised sheet used in the manufacture is then powder coated on the in-house powder coating line ensuring a surface durability that is far greater than enclosures that are just powdercoated. Should the durable outer coating chip or wear then underneath is the galvanised layer to prevent corrosion.

We could talk about the superb finish and build quality at length, but the best way to experience it is to have one in front of you. I guarantee that you will be impressed.

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